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What was once an MFA mill for a majority of the 20th century has been transformed into a seven-story state-of-the-art facility in downtown Springfield, Missouri. The Roy Blunt Jordan Valley Innovation Center (JVIC) provides a home for cutting edge research and development within a collaborative environment to engage industry partners.

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Community Impact: How JVIC is Serving the Ozarks, Missouri, and Beyond

JVIC, nestled in the heart of the Ozarks, radiates its influence far beyond the Missouri State University campus. As a beacon of innovation, JVIC collaborates with industry leaders, government agencies, and local businesses. Through cutting-edge research, economic development initiatives, and educational opportunities, JVIC fuels growth, fosters talent, and works to propel the Springfield region into a future of technological excellence.

Economic Development

JVIC serves as a nucleus for economic growth in the region. Through partnerships with local businesses, startups, and established companies, it drives economic development by generating innovative ideas and translating them into market-ready solutions. JVIC also provides advanced research facilities for a variety of industries through its tenant leasing and corporate affiliate programs. These programs enable cost-effective access to robust lab resources and unique expertise.

Defense Research

JVIC actively engages in research relevant to national security, including projects related to the Department of Defense (DoD). By fostering collaboration between academia, industry, and government, JVIC contributes to critical advancements in defense technologies.

Fostering High-Tech Growth

At JVIC, high-tech development thrives. Researchers explore nanotechnology, advanced composite materials, flexible hybrid electronics, semiconductors, novel manufacturing systems and techniques, and the biological and environmental impact these technologies have on our world. This interdisciplinary approach ensures that cutting-edge solutions emerge through collaborate research.

Academic and Career Opportunities

JVIC isn’t just a research center—it’s an educational resource. As a student at Missouri State, you have the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research facilitated by JVIC experts. JVIC also employs MSU students providing invaluable work experience for careers in science.

Research Director Rishi Patel prepares a sample in the semiconductor production lab, Kevin White/Missouri State

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JVIC strives to maximize the rate at which the results of research done in our facility are made public. One such effort centers around our nanotechnology initiative:

JVIC Invests in Semiconductor Projects

The JVIC Advanced Manufacturing Node makes its first grant awards. To strengthen the semiconductor industry in the state, Missouri Technology Corporation’s Advanced Manufacturing Resiliency Grant Program awarded $5.4 million to the Jordan Valley Innovation Center this March to launch its Advanced Manufacturing Node grant program. Today, the JVIC Advanced Manufacturing Node at Missouri State University…

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Call for Projects: Advanced Manufacturing Node

Call for Projects to Support Technology, Infrastructure, and Workforce Development JVIC Advanced Manufacturing Node Grant Program The Jordan Valley Innovation Center (JVIC) at Missouri State University recently received funding from the Missouri Technology Corporation through its Advanced Manufacturing Resiliency Grant program – and is now accepting proposals under the first Call for Projects for the…

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Grant funds high-tech manufacturing initiative at JVIC

Springfield is the home to high-tech innovation through the Jordan Valley Innovation Center (JVIC) at Missouri State University. Thanks to its specialization in nanotechnology, materials and other advanced technologies, including semiconductor packaging and flexible electronics, JVIC was recently awarded $5.4 million from the Missouri Technology Corporation’s Advanced Manufacturing Resiliency Grant Program. The funding will be invested into projects to support…

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