Center for Applied Science & Engineering

CASE operates and maintains the following equipment and facilities allowing them to work on projects in the areas of product development, equipment and product prototyping, as well as fundamental research.


JEOL 7600F FESEM/STEM with EDS System
Bruker Dimension Icon AFM
Keyence VK9700 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
Keyence Digital Microscope VHX 600 LM
Leica DCM8 3D Optical Surface Metrology System
JEOL Model SM-09010(CP) Cross-sectional Polisher
Leica EM ACE600 Sputter Coater
Tousimis Autosamdri-815 Critcal Point Dryer

Materials Deposition

CHA Industries Solution E‐beam Evaporator
Semicore SC-450 Sputter Coater, RF and DC
SonoTek Exactacoat XYZ Ultrasonic Spay Coating System


600 sqft of class 100 cleanroom space
SUSS MicroTec MJB4 Manual Mask Aligner
March Jupiter III Plasma Etcher
YES 450C PB High Temperature Vacuum Cure Oven
Novascan 6 inch UV/Ozone System
CEE Model 1010 Hotplate
CEE Model 100CB Spin-coater / Hotplate Unit
Laurell Technologies WS-650Mz-23NPP Spin-coater
Wet bench for photo resist development & chemical etching


JASCO V-670 UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer
Thermo Electron North America UPS System
Thermo Electron North America XPS System
Filmetrics F50 Spectral Reflectance Automated Film Thickness Mapper
SUSS MicroTec PM5 Manual Analytical Probe Station
Janis Research 9TL-VRTB30 9T Cryogen Free Superconducting Magnet System
Janis STVP-300 Cryostat (1.4K – 300K)
Keithley Model 4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System

Prototyping and Fabrication

Oxford DP50‐532 Laser Micro Machining System
Mitutoyo Model QS-250Z Quick Scope, Vision Measuring System
HASS VF-3YT Vertical Machining Center with multi-axis option
ROMER Absolute Arm w/scanner 7730 SI
LulzBot TAZ 5 3D Printer
Machine Shop (end mill, lathe, drill press, CNC router, welding, etc.)
Electronics (software – hardware – device integration)

Composites & Mechanical Testing

64 carrier prepreg braiding system with mandrel transport system
Composites autoclave 1.5′ diameter, 3′ length, 160 PSI, 500°F
Composites autoclave 3′ diameter, 5′ length, 150 PSI, 450°F
Carbon fiber re-winder
Freezers, layup table, bagging materials