A rendering of JVIC's new expansion gleaming in the afternoon sun

The Jordan Valley Innovation Center (JVIC) is a 117,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art complex to conduct cutting edge research and development within a collaborative public-private environment.  The main seven story facility is comprised of tenant lab and office space, shared research equipment and labs, full-time research staff in the Center for Applied Science and Engineering (CASE), and shared conference and meeting rooms.  JVIC is owned and operated by Missouri State University, and CASE is a university research center established to collaborate with the private sector to advance and accelerate new technologies.


From the 1920s to the turn of the century, the Missouri Farmers Association milling facility presented the rural Midwest with supplies that helped feed America. Seven years after its doors were closed, the MFA building was brought back to life in the form of Jordan Valley Innovation Center. Livestock feed was once shipped from the middle of downtown Springfield. Today, cutting edge technology and innovative collaboration are a major export.

On November 29, 2005 a ground breaking ceremony was held at the foundation of the old mill. Missouri Representative Roy Blunt said the area would go from a “place for grains to a place for brains.” In December of 2006, the Missouri State University Board of Governors voted to name the center in honor of the U.S. Congressman Roy Blunt in recognition of his support and leadership in providing federal funding for the facility. The Jordan Valley Innovation Center opened its newly renovated doors on May 30, 2007. What was once a dilapidated MFA Feed Mill in downtown Springfield is now the home of leading-edge research and state-of-the-art technology.


The Jordan Valley Innovation Center operates under a mission of product development for our corporate partners and interdisciplinary educational experiences for our students.


JVIC is a unique university-private sector research, development, and commercialization model that focuses on product development, research, and educational opportunities. The facility focuses on collaboration with affiliates on new technologies and accelerating them to viable markets. JVIC is focused on collaboration, not only between the affiliates and the University, but also between the affiliates. This helps accelerate new product development and integration of technologies.

Common Resources

The shared resource environment allows the University to provide state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that is affordable to affiliates.  CASE staff expertise is available to serve as an extension of the affiliates’ research, development, and technology needs.   The research facility contains common space opportunities to utilize these resources in a collaborative atmosphere.  Other collaborative benefits include adjunct faculty status for corporate scientists, and access to graduate and undergraduate research students, post-docs, research scientists and technicians.  Affiliates also have access to university resources, including the library and recreation center.

Intellectual Property

One of the priorities that set JVIC apart from other universities is our policy on intellectual property. Missouri State University forgoes ownership of IP in exchange for potential future royalties related solely based on the extent of JVIC’s role in developing products brought to market.   It allows a company to own the IP, control the technology, and avoid the expenses and challenges of licensing technology during the research and developement process.